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Susan Holmes, Author

Susan Holmes, Author

Susan Holmes penned her first story at the age of four.  Despite the brevity (three pages of crayoned text) and the title (“Three Bears Visit New York City”) her father gave it the same careful consideration he gave to C. F. Forester’s Horatio Hornblower series. When he finished the story he announced, “You are going to be a writer.”

To be a writer, of course, one must also be a reader. In the pre-digital world that meant a trip to the local library (a very long walk across town, requiring an escort/bodyguard in the form of her older brother) where a new world awaited.  By the fifth grade she’d progressed to Shakespeare, an experience that came in handy when she was stationed in England at the start of her military career. For the next twenty years, she wrote stories about the lands and the people she met around the world.

She spent much of her military years writing and editing all sorts of materials, tailoring the voice and content to the target audience. She produced the books Quality Approach and the Process Improvement Guide  as part of the Air Force’s Total Quality initiatives. That proved great training when she moved into academic publishing and then into poetry and fiction. Today, she lives in northwest Arkansas where she works as a writer, editor, and college professor.

Her third book, Deadly Ties is the first in the Waterside Kennels mystery series.  The series is set in northwest Arkansas using both real and fictional settings. In pursuit of authentic material for the series, she joined Search and Rescue exercises, ventured deep into caves, and followed the trail of Ozark legends. Years working as a publicist for professional artists provided the background for the art elements of the story. Technical details came from experts in the fields of bioarcheology, forensic anthropology, and even fire sciences.   She worked closely with dog trainers, kennel owners, and veterinarians to create an environment that dog lovers are sure to recognize and appreciate.

14 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Dear Susan, I am publisher at Severn House Ltd, an independent hardcover publisher focusing primarily on the library market in both the USA and the UK. About 80% of our list is made up of crime and mysteries, and we are currently on the lookout specifically for dog mysteries. (We published Susan Conant’s ‘Holly Winters’ dog mystery BRUTE STRENGTH recently). Ideally we are looking for ongoing mystery writers who’ve been published previously rather than first-time authors. Would you be interested in writing for us – or do you know of any other author who might be interested in writing a series of dog mysteries for us? (I’d be happy for you to post this request on your website).

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Kate Lyall Grant

  2. Hi Susan,
    I saw that you were looking for indie authors. Perhaps you’d be interested in my recent mystery in which a homeless border collie plays a pivotal role. He is one of the good guys, naturally.
    Tony Kordyban

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Susan. Lately I’ve come across a lot of authors, like yourself, who began writing at a very young age. It just shows how that pull to create with words never leaves you.

    • Jean, thanks so much for commenting. I hope you and I will both be writing for many more years to come.

      By the way, your “Inspirational Locations” on your site is a wonderful facet of your creative site. I had the joyful experience of visiting Ireland many years ago when I lived in England and found it a truly magical place.

  4. I really enjoyed reading Susan Holmes
    book, called “Deadly Ties.” She is a
    lovely writer. She writes with excellent
    details in her book. I am glad that I
    knew her in High School in New Jersey.
    I also come from a family of writers!!!

  5. Hello Susan, I interview authors; you have captured my attention and I’d love to interview you.

    I interview authors via email only of published book(s); drop me a line and let’s talk at ab3ring@juno.com or dalanbinder@gmail.com. It is only about 17 questions or so long.

    My website is located at the following place;
    https://sites.google.com/site/dalanbinder OR http://www.davidalanbinder.com

    I look forward to hearing from you. It is a simple process I email you questions and you return them with the answers. I do make a few exceptions and may phone interview if agreed to by both of us.

    Here is a sample of an interview with Craig Johnson author of Longmire, books plus the A&E Network and Netflix series recently published to my website:

    Let’s talk.
    David Alan Binder
    P.S. The fine print: By filling out the interview questions, you agree to the publishing of the interview on my website.
    Join the Community: People I’ve interviewed are New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, David A. Adler author of 250 books, Dandi Mackall author of 450 books (one is a Hallmark movie-My Boyfriend’s Dogs), UCLA Professor of screenwriting – Richard Walter, Bill Crider author of mystery fiction, Craig Johnson for the series Longmire, Robin Burcell, Craig Dirgo and Boyd Morrison (all THREE are coauthors of different books with Clive Cussler), Robert Gatewood, authors of Children’s books, thrillers, poetry, historical novels, romance, non-fiction, self-publishers and those with over 20 famous publishing houses, an 11 year old author, Father Goose, Don Knotts’ brother-in-law, editors, two authors that have a TV special for Hallmark and Teachers, PHD’s, Lawyers, Doctors, Educators, and Professors, Self-Help gurus, writers for articles, journals, magazines and technical writers, all sorts and types of award winners, a singer, plus authors in the England, Wales, Canada, India, Scotland, Ecuador, Spain, Australia and (42 states) USA (9 countries). Over 240 authors of collectively almost 4000 books!

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