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Dog Parks: the Good, the Bad, & the “Must Know”

Deadly Toxins & Your Dog


Celebrate Living With Dogs

Take more naps

Take more naps

Have you discovered WOOFipedia by the American Kennel Club yet?  Get started here, and learn something new about dogs (or perhaps just remind yourself of some important facts). But wait…there’s more! Take a moment to relax and remind yourself of a few important lessons dogs can teach us.

Respect your elders!

Respect your elders!


Information, Please

Whether you’re new to the wonderful world of canine companionship or have celebrated many joyous years with dogs in your life, there’s always something new to learn.  Thanks to the Internet you find out just about anything you need to know with just a few minutes’ search.  To get you started, here are a few websites you might find helpful …

Searching for the right dog for your family?  Check breed information at, or explore more options at the Humane Society’s website at (Remember to look for shelters and rescue groups in your own area!)

Need help training a puppy?  You’ll find terrific tips and ideas at the ASPCA’s webite at And if your interests lie with a dog that’s well into adulthood, learn about the Senior Dogs Project at, and be sure to skim the resources compiled by the folks at Senior Dog Rescue at

You can find excellent videos about dog behavior all over the Internet. A prolific writer, trainer, and blogger is Amy Shojai, and her website at includes a fascinating collection of  articles, tips, and links. Another that caught my eye today was at

For all things dog, and to chat with like-minded dog lovers, wander over to where you’re sure to find something to catch your interest.

And for a nice round-up of resources, check out this article at Business Insider at

Do you have favorites sites you’d like to add to this list? Let me hear from you!

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