Book #2

Dangerous Deeds: A Waterside Kennels Mystery 

“If I’ve learned anything since settling here, it’s that land and family are the heart of the Ozarks. The legends, the history—it all comes back to the hills and the people, doesn’t it?”

After a tumultuous summer, Maggie Porter just wants to enjoy a quiet life in Eagle Cove but a new neighbor seems determined to cause trouble for Waterside Kennels. He claims his land survey trumps her family’s property deeds, which date back to Arkansas territory days.

More trouble arises when the kennel staff is caught in the middle over a proposed Dangerous Dog ordinance to ban specific breeds. When the lawyer pushing the dog ordinance turns up dead on Maggie’s property, everyone at Waterside comes under suspicion.  Sheriff Lucas Johnson is forced to step aside because of his close ties to the kennel. The investigation is handed to one of his deputies, a man eager to see Lucas’ corrupt predecessor back in office and willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Dangerous Deeds is a tale of families, land, and greed that hits close to home and sets the scene for murder.


14 thoughts on “Book #2

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    • Linda, thank you so much for your feedback. I’m delighted to know you enjoyed the story!

      If you’d like to send along photos of your dogs (dogmysteris [at] gmail] I will add them to the slideshow of dogs. With the exception of my own beloved Alix, all the dog photos featured were sent in by readers and fans of the series.

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  6. I have been waiting and checking on “Dangerous Deeds”. Do you have an update when it will be available? I heard you speak in my book club at the Fayetteville Library where “Deadly Ties” was one of our class books.

    • Carol, thanks so much for your patience! The book is progressing slower than I’d planned, with bits and pieces out to the editor and back again. Sometimes, this writing adventure tends to resemble a revolving door!

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