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Want to ask your favorite authors a question? Many of us are taking questions NOW on Goodreads. We’ll answer questions about our books, our writing process, and just about anything related to the world of writing and publishing!

To see if your favorite author is taking questions, check their author profile page.  You can find my profile here.  You’re welcome to ask me anything about my books, my writing process, or even questions about the Ozarks regions where I’ve set my series.

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Celebrating a book launch!

To celebrate the publication of Deadly Ties I’m giving away five autographed copies of my book at The giveaway runs from October 8th through November 8th. You can read the first six chapters in the free excerpt I’ve uploaded, so jump in and enter your name for a chance at a free book!

If you’re a fan of cozy mysteries and like dogs, you’ll enjoy meeting Maggie Porter and her beautiful dogs—a champion Labrador Retriever, an aging Cocker Spaniel, and a Beagle retired from federal service. The first book in the series finds Maggie in a lot of trouble when she returns to her childhood home in the Ozarks to reopen the family dog business. From the start, she’s plagued by a string of woes that turn serious when the Waterside Kennels’ gossip-loving receptionist turns up dead.

Watch this space for updates about the series!