She’s a Winner!

underdog-ebook1Here’s a quick P.S. to my last post about the super-talented Laurien Berenson. From her Facebook page (arrow added to graphic):

Thanks to the #BookBub promotion of UNDERDOG, I am now a top twenty selling mystery author on Amazon! That puts me in very good company indeed. Thank you to everyone who gave the book a try.

Top 20


If you haven’t already discovered this author, here’s your chance! Find her work in Kindle, paperback, and NOW audiobook format! You might even find a few in hardcover.

Happy reading!

Dogs, Mystery, & More!

Thanks to the generosity and kindness of many writers, my own entry into the world of writing mysteries has been a joyful experience. Bestselling author Laurien Berenson is one of those authors who offered  support and encouragement when I published my first novel. (In fact, I can thank Laurien for helping me unravel the mysteries of Facebook and social media!)

In return, I’m delighted to recommend her books to anyone who loves amateur sleuths and dogs in mystery fiction. Laurien has been nominated for the Agatha Award (recognizing the best in the cozy mystery genre) and the Mystery Readers International’s Macavity Award. She’s earned the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award and is a four-time winner of the prestigious Maxwell Award, presented by the Dog Writers Association of America. And in the totally unofficial but equally important (to me) category, Laurien’s books were a longstanding favorite of my mother, who loved the entire series.

Laurien has entertained readers for many years with her canine mystery series featuring amateur sleuth Melanie Travis and her beloved Poodles. The cast of supporting characters is equally engaging, and each book’s mystery is a well crafted, downright delightful read. Some series fizzle out over time, but not this one! In fact, check out what Publishers Weekly has to say about Gone with the Woof (#16 in the series):

“A sprightly pooch-packed escapade. With unexpected twists, humor, and a wealth of information about the story’s milieu, Berenson wraps up this caper in a tail-wagging finale.”


If you’re new to this series, you’re in luck! You can find every book in the series in paperback (and some in hard cover), will soon be available as audio books, and are now available as ebooks! Even better, her publisher,  Kensington Publishing Corp. is offering the first 16 in the series at super-low prices for the month of May. The first three in the series (A Pedigree To Die For, Underdog, and Dog Eat Dog) are just $1.99 each. Get #4, 5, & 6 (Hair of the Dog, Watchdog, and Hush Puppy) for just $2.51 – $2.99 each. And catch the rest of the series through #16 for $3.99.

Laurien Berenson's photo.
We don’t see publishers like Kensington offer sale prices like this every day, so don’t miss out!

Holidays & Pets

Here in the Ozarks, we’re already trudging through snow and listening to the ice-coated trees creaking in the wind.  It’s a good time to stay inside and enjoy a good book!  If you’re looking for a mystery that’s fun and filled with dogs, start with Laurien Berenson’s Melanie Travis mystery series.  Jingle Bell Bark is a perfect choice for this time of year.

The book is actually the 11th in the series but it’s a great read as a stand-alone cozy mystery, too.  Ms. Berenson is a great writer, and a four-time winner of the Maxwell Award, presented by the Dog Writers Association of America.   You can find her online  and get the latest news about this engaging series!

Books (both traditional and digital editions) are a great way to stretch your holiday shopping budget.  You can shop online at the big retailers like Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or you can keep your money closer to home by shopping at a local  Independent Bookseller.  According to IndieBound: “Spend $100 at a local and $68 of that stays in your community. Spend the same $100 at a national chain, and your community only sees $43.”

And as much as authors would love to see books on your gift list, there’s something else we hope we don’t see on that list–pets!  As exciting as it might sound, bringing a dog or cat into your household during the holiday season creates a lot of stress and that isn’t a good way to begin a long and loving relationship.  As the American Kennel Club reminds us, puppies are not stocking stuffers!  Check this article for the AKC’s suggestions for a safe holiday season with all your beloved pets. And while you’re at it, be sure to read the ASPCA’s tips for watching your pet’s waistline during the holidays!