A progress report

Two updates to report…

First, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is in full swing, and so far I’ve exceeded the quota each day! Today’s total (21,116 words) puts me on track to complete 50,000 words of the next novel in the Waterside Kennels Mystery Series. Since the target publication date for Death Tracks is late summer 2014, I better plan to keep up this pace through the spring!

The second update: check the “Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!” tab on the website here. You’ll find a cool story about The Ultimate Dog Lady, who happens to be one of my beta readers for the series. You’ll also find some serious information about common household items that can prove deadly for your dog.

And coming soon:  interviews with a dog expert, a crime writer, and a college professor who wants to use Deadly Ties in an upcoming class. Stay tuned!

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