Another Wonderful Writer

Have you discovered Eva Pohler and her Gatekeeper’s Saga yet?  Eva is featured this week on the blog hop, which gives you a great opportunity to learn about her and her work.  I loved this comment:

At the very center of each of my stories is a woman fighting a battle. Sometimes it happens to be a literal battle, but even then, there are figurative ones. Always.

The Gatekeeper's Secret
The Gatekeeper’s Secret

That’s something our work has in common–a strong woman, seeking justice.  We’re proud of our heroines and all they accomplish, often against overwhelming odds.  And while Greek mythology and Ozarks legends might not seem to have much in common, both series feature story lines focusing on family, love, and the need to avenge a wrong.  In this, Eva knocks it right out of the park!

There’s mystery, myth, and legend just waiting for you. The fifth book in the series is due out very soon. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the first in the series free. Discover this great writer today!

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