Celebrate Life!

I can’t think of a better way to start the year than with an update on Hiker, the dog who wouldn’t quit.

If you missed my earlier posts about Hiker, you can start here and read the update here. Short version: Jim Warnock and his hiking partner were traversing the rugged Ozark Highlands Trail back in January, 2014 when they were joined by an emaciated black lab who followed them to the end of the trail. (Read the entire story in Jim’s words here.) Here’s what she looked like back then:

Hiker January 20th 2014

A year later, Hiker is one healthy, happy dog who loves getting out on the trail in search of new adventures. Here’s her latest photo, courtesy of Jim:

Hiker 2

To keep up with the adventures of Hiker and her trail partner Jim, be sure to visit Jim’s blog at http://ozarkmountainhiker.com/.  Here’s hoping our paths cross soon on the Ozarks trails!

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