Deadly Ties Audiobook Giveaway!

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Enter to Win iconTo celebrate the launch this month of the audio edition of Deadly TiesI’m running a giveaway! Post a comment here for a chance to win one of three complimentary copies of my audiobook, narrated by the oh-so-wonderful Robin Rowan.

The contest runs through Saturday, October 4th, and the winner will be drawn at random on Sunday, October 5th. The rules are about as simple as you can get: just leave a comment. That’s all there is to it, and you’re entered to win!

I’m a newcomer to the world of audiobooks and I’m already hooked on the joy of listening to a great story. The creative process takes on a whole new dimension when a novel is transformed into an audiobook. Professional narrators do far more than just read the work–they bring the story to life. The collaboration of creative talents moves us beyond the printed text and into the world of performance art. And Robin is a true artist! (Click here to see a list of the many books she’s narrated.)

Some narrators prefer to read the entire book before they begin. Robin, though, takes a different approach. As she explained it to me, she wants to experience the story just as the reader does. So you can imagine my delight when she sent me this note:

My heart was pounding—POUNDING—at the end of Chapter 41!!!

Wow! I’m riveted!!!

And now, here’s your chance to get your own heart racing! Listen to a sample of Deadly Ties. Then leave a comment (remember to ask a question!) for a chance to win a free audio edition of Deadly Ties.

28 thoughts on “Deadly Ties Audiobook Giveaway!

    1. My first experience with audiobooks was with The Gatekeeper’s Sons by Eva Pohler, narrated by Debbie Andreen. Eva was one of the first to encourage me to add an audio edition, and I was hooked after listening to Debbie’s fantastic voice. Both Debbie and Robin are top professionals and are wonderful to work with. Thanks for asking!

    1. Barbara, I sure hope this gets your tail wagging! As one reviewer wrote, “…all dog lovers will be able to relate to at least one of the canine characters!” If you decide to read the book, I’ll be interested to learn which dog becomes your favorite in the series.

  1. Tony

    A great way to meet and know characters as envisioned by author. Find a great way to read (hear) books when in bad lighting. Appreciate opportunity to hear your doggie tale.

    1. Tony, thanks for your comment. As a doggie fan, I think you’ll enjoy the slideshow of dogs on this site. Just click on the “Your Dog Photos” tab at the top of the page, and you’ll see photos submitted by fans of the series. My own beloved dog is there, too–Alix brought me joy for almost 18 years and was the inspiration for Sweet Pea in the book.

      1. Tony

        Just realized missed your response. Photos are a happy way to spend time. Having seen Alix photo understand inspiration for Sweet Pea. Thank you for having photos on line.

    1. Here’s Robin’s response:
      Thanks for your question! Most audio books are between 10-12 hours. I spend anywhere from 4-5 hours in the studio for every one hour of finished audio. I do research ahead of time about the book’s location (if it’s not a place I’m very familiar with), and try to pick up on any regional accents. Susan was so helpful in that regard in that she provided me with a few web clips of people from the Ozarks speaking. Then it’s recording and refining each character (and saving a clip of each for reference), editing and re-editing, and finally, proofing with the manuscript.

      I enjoy creating a full-blown “performance” of the books I read. Other narrators may merely “suggest” each character. It’s a personal decision unless the author has strong feelings about it either way. You also asked about some books being harder to narrate than others. You might think that would be a book with a ton of characters (I recently did a book with 20 male characters, all varying ages and types who were in a scene together!), and that is challenging. But two of the most difficult for me were a history book (yep, non-fiction, no dialogue) and a romance.

      A romance? Hard?

      First, the history book was about the Battle of Hastings, which took place in 1066 between the Normans and the English. There were literally hundreds of unfamiliar last names and place names, and even with the author recording them for me, she had a pronounced British accent and was quite difficult to understand!

      The second most difficult book was a historical romance where not only all of the characters, but the narrator, needed a British accent. I absolutely loved the challenge to make sure I always stayed in character and that my accent didn’t falter.

      Thanks so much for your question! I appreciate your interest in audio books, which have just exploded in the past few years. I hope everyone will eventually dip their toe into the audio book waters just to see if it’s something they might enjoy.

      Robin Rowan

  2. I was just introduced to your dogs recently and can’t wait to read one. I love dogs and mysteries that include animals (especially dogs and cats). Do you also narrate books for the blind or special education students? My oldest daughter has always dreamed of doing that but Tourette’s Syndrome is holding her back. She loves audiobooks, yrey I have never had the opportunity to try one.

    1. Hi, and thanks for your question. I have not done a book specifically for the blind, but ANY audiobook can be listened to by anyone. I believe that now libraries are lending audiobooks. They download the book onto an mp3 player with ear buds. You can listen to the book in a car or with the ear buds. I hope you and your daughter will take the opportunity to give an audiobook a try.

    1. Robin, thanks for your comment. I’m a newbie to the world of audiobooks, too. Now that I’ve listened to several I wonder why I ever waited so long! When you have the right narrator who “feels” the story, it’s a wonderful performance!

    1. Marilyn, I hope you’ll check out the link to all of Robin’s audiobooks. If you like thrillers, for example, you’ll love her narration of Libby Fischer Hellmann’s work. Thanks for commenting!

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