Extraordinary Tales

Looking for a special gift for a dog lover? Here’s a suggestion: Devoted: 38 Extraordinary Tales of Love, Loyalty, and Life With Dogs by Rebecca Ascher-Walsh. In addition to being a freelance writer and a shelter volunteer, Rebecca is the founder of the Deja Foundation.  According to her bio on the foundation’s website, she shares her home with two rescued pit bulls. Knowing this, it’s easy to see why she was committed to publishing these stories.

Quoting directly from the front flap of the book jacket:

…Devoted tells the stories of dogs who are rescued, and who rescue in return. Meet Lily, an adopted pit bull who stood in front of an oncoming train to protect her fallen owner; or Faith, a chow chow mix who defied the odds to learn to walk on two legs.

From across the globe, each inspiring tale brings to light unparalleled displays of fortitude, faith, and love. Discover 38 heartwarming friends and experience first hand the bond that knows no bounds.

Published by the National Geographic Society and beautifully illustrated, Devoted is available from the National Geographic Society as well as IndieBound, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Do you have a favorite rescue story? Share it with us via the comments. And if you have photos to share, you’re welcome to send them to dogmysteries@gmail.com to be included in the slideshow. Be sure to include the dog’s name with the photo!

2 thoughts on “Extraordinary Tales

  1. I work with National Geographic so when they asked me to go out and meet one of the dogs from the Devoted book who happened to live in my small KY town I was thrilled!
    A blind hunting dog. Yep, blind. Meeting the owner and the dog was a great experience and we still keep in touch to this day. Dogs are amazing! The owner was amazing too. He sure loves his dog.

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