It’s National Love Your Pet Day!

Canon USA Imaging (@CanonUSAimaging) is celebrating “Love Your Pet Day” by inviting Twitter fans to share their photos of favorite pets. If you’re not on Twitter, you can share your photo via their Facebook page. Even better–post a comment and share your favorite photos here!

Around this house, every day is Love Your Pet day!  I’ll celebrate today by sharing a few photos of our rescue kitty, Buddy. The first was taken shortly after he joined the household in 2011, when strange noises tended to send him scurrying under the covers:

Buddy August 2012He eventually grew out of that and became quite a charmer when guests arrived. Here he is a year later:


And here he is in Fall 2014, surveying his kingdom. (The statue is of our beloved dog Alix, who was the inspiration for Sweet Pea in my Waterside Kennels mystery series):

Buddy and Alix

And for those of you wondering why is featuring a cat, I’ll just say we’re equal-opportunity pet lovers here! There’s one cat already in the mystery series:

“That’s Momma Cat. She came with the house,” Maggie explained. “She has the run of the place. She doesn’t have much use for people, but she likes being out here with the dogs.” — (page 9 of Deadly Ties)

Buddy has a role in the second book of the series, Dangerous Deeds (coming later this year). It’s only fair to include him; after all, he’s my writing mascot and never far from my side when I’m at the keyboard!


7 thoughts on “It’s National Love Your Pet Day!

  1. Our furfriends remain in our memories forever. We have only one now A Bengal cat named Kato. He has been with now for14 years. He traveled with us in our motorhome for the first 6 years of his life.

      1. Yes I do. The time caught a coot by its neck.
        The time told bobbcatswere near the RV and my husband didn’t belive. By the time I got back inside to cubs pass. There 3 different occasions when he would have been stolen if we been keeping track of him. Yes the time a prairie falcom thought it would be a good meal. The lease saved him.

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