Let’s Get to know Madison Johns

Next week, I’ll be back with more mystery fiction featuring dogs. In the meantime, here’s another author who serves up mystery with a dash of humor. If you like characters who don’t take themselves too seriously, then you’ll want to get to know Madison Johns, a fellow member of Sisters in Crime. I’ll let Madison tell you the story in her own words:

Madison JohnsWhen I began writing at the age of forty-four, I never imagined I’d make it onto the USA Today Bestsellers list a whopping three times. Sure, my Agnes Barton Senior Sleuths Mystery books are Amazon bestsellers, but USA Today?

Although sleep-deprived from working third shift, I knew if I used what I’d learned while caring for senior citizens, the result would be something quite unique. And it was! The Agnes Barton Senior Sleuths mystery series has forever changed my life, with each of the books making it onto the Amazon bestseller’s list for cozy mystery and humor.

 “Agnes Barton Senior Sleuths Mysteries, where mystery meets the funny bone.”

My Agnes Barton series features Agnes Barton, who’s 72 years old, and her larger-than-life best friend Eleanor Mason who came out of retirement to investigate crimes. They live in and around East Tawas, Michigan, on the shores of Lake Huron. Through the course of the books they have gotten into more mischief than your typical senior citizen, but somehow managed to outwit the local sheriff. They’ve dabbled in everything from disappearances, murders, cold case murders, aliens, ghosts, treasure, and now Bigfoot. I’ve tried to keep readers guessing: just what will Agnes and Eleanor do next time?

I’ve based the series on East Tawas, Michigan, which is on the picturesque shores of Lake Huron on the eastern side of the state. It was one of my favorite vacation spots as a child and it seemed fitting to base the series there. While the town sure has changed through the years, it’s still as beautiful as ever. Besides setting, my series is very much character driven. Agnes and Eleanor don’t always get along with everyone in town and I have added plenty of interesting if quirky characters. They both have love interests, which makes for a very interesting angle for any senior-aged lady.

Bigfoot in Tawas cover


Madison’s upcoming book Bigfoot in Tawas is set be released April 28, 2014. Find it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Read an excerpt of BIGFOOT IN TAWAS here.   To learn more about the series, visit Madison’s website. And be sure to visit Madison’s “Author Central” page, too!



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