Make a difference, one dog at a time

Here’s a happy update on a story I first shared back in June about Hiker, the dog found on the Ozarks Highlands Trail. Although little more than skin and bones when her path first crossed with Jim Warnock, she had an amazing heart and followed Jim and his hiking partner for 40 miles through some seriously rugged terrain. The photo below was taken in January, 2104:

Hiker January 20th 2014

By March, she was putting on weight and ready to hit the trail again. Here she is in the woods just a few months after she and Jim met on the trail:

Hiker in snowy March 2014

And here’s Hiker now. At her latest vist to the vet, she weighed in at a healthy 66 lbs!

Hiker on trail August 2014

Hiker August 2014

Jim says she’s enjoying her new life. Together they hike the Lake Alma Trail six days a week, and as we can see from the photo above, she loves playtime. She even likes to visit the vet clinic!

To keep up with the adventures of Hiker and her trail partner Jim, be sure to visit Jim’s blog at  Here’s hoping our paths cross soon on the Ozarks trails!