Much to Celebrate…

The Dog Writers Association of America’s annual awards banquet is fast approaching. One of the nominees is Sue Owens Wright, who’s garnered her 11th nomination for a Maxwell Award for her book Braced for Murder.  Congratulations, Sue!

Braced for Murder

Braced for Murder is the latest in the Beanie and Cruiser mystery series. If you enjoy mysteries with a regional flair (this one’s set around Lake Tahoe) and love Basset Hounds, this is a great book for you!  You can read an excerpt of the book and learn more about the series here.

And speaking of the Dog Writers Association of America, I’m honored to announce I’m now a member of that wonderful organization. Many thanks to my writing colleagues and friends who sponsored me, including Tracy Weber and Amy Shojai. Sue, Tracy, and Amy are all terrific writers who are passionate about dogs, so be sure to check out their websites!


2 thoughts on “Much to Celebrate…

  1. Congratulations! I just finished Deadly Ties and posted a review. A great read and such a relief to read a book focusing on purebreds and their jobs as trackers, protectors, and companions. Not all dogs come from rescues or shelters! I’ve been involved in the dog fancy all my life and was delighted to see accurate descriptions of AKC shows and trials, as well as no glaring gaffes in lingo. Looking forward to the next Waterside mystery!

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